Basics of Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay | 48 Pages | ENGLISH

CSR is becoming an influential and important constituent of mainstream corporate agenda in India as well as across the globe. This booklet provides an insight to the very basics, and also about CSR in India, its principles/standards and guidelines.


Fundamentals of Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay | 80 Pages | ENGLISH

This book would be helpful in understanding the building blocks of CSR. It highlights the ecosystem of doing business in 21st century, drivers of ethics and how CSR can be incorporated in business strategy. It also encompasses the CSR standards and its benefits.


CSR: The Changing Paradigm

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay | 115 Pages | ENGLISH

This publication throws light upon the various CSR projects and initiatives by some of the most premier companies of India like ITC, Tata Motors and many others. These best practices are shared as projects and examples for many others to follow in the near future. Understanding this approach and working accordingly would achieve the strengthening of the entire concept of CSR especially in the
Indian context.


CSR: Sport
A Catalyst to Social Change

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay | 85 Pages | ENGLISH

As an effective CSR medium, sport can build values which any socially-responsible business strives for. These include values of team work, fair operating business practices, involving employees and suppliers, as well as building good
community relations. This book highlights many examples of how pioneers like Barclays, Essar Group, Coca-Cola India and many others are increasingly using sport to fulfill their CSR objectives.


Strengthening Livelihoods of Trafficking Prone Communities

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay | 48 Pages | ENGLISH

This part 1 of the series encompasses action research to develop a proof of concept. This document details the concept, strategy, methodology and impact of the initiative. I believe that practitioners in civil society and anti-trafficking workers will find this report very useful and will involve all stakeholders for further replication and multiplication of the approach in prevention of trafficking by providing holistic livelihood enhancement solutions.


Strengthening Livelihoods of Trafficking Prone Communities

Dr. K. K. Upadhyay | 105 Pages | ENGLISH

In part 2 of this series we look at the project framework for a livelihood approach to prevent trafficking. It encompasses data gathered from studies and workshops conducted by Development Alternatives and USAID. Analyzation of the same has helped in forming a framework for tackling this issue.